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June 11, 2017

They say the devil you know

Is better than the devil you don’t know.

Hence Pence whence Trump is intense.


Causing an internal psychic war of either staying with the exhaustive dog and pony petulant presidential Putin puppet show.

While the economy is on an upswing  (we are a greedy lot, are we not?) or opt for the clever clown’s ousting and rolling the potentially loaded snake eyes dice.


Search for a Resolution

Start a Revolution

Help with our Evolution

Find many a Solution

Here is a Suggestion

System needs Dissolution

To free from Corruption

The general Population

Eradicate the Infestation

Rule of law Manipulation

The plutocracy Cessation

Ignore the Distraction

The fevered ego Abstraction

Ignoring the Taxation

Defiling Immigration

Trampling the Constitution

Dismissing women’s Valuation

Crippling the Nation

Must end our Flirtation

With power Regurgitation



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