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The Irrelevance of Capital Hill

June 15, 2017



Halls of government

Have been replaced


By the

Malls of consumption

Leaving behind the bones and

Skull of the constitution

Causing the

Fall of our evolution

Making most

All of the institutions

A means to

Dull your sensations

Time to

Call your relations

And make

Tall your expectations

A habit of

Y’all realization

Best we

Maul the distractions

So we don’t

Lull next generation

Slowing the

Crawl to stagnation

Having them

Bawl from frustration

When they could

Stall the manipulation

From one or

All of the population

Having the

Gall for cessation

Tearing down the

Wall of separation

Trying to

Null the degradation

On this big blue green

Ball of salvation

Striving for the long

Haul of civilization

Or we better call

Saul for reparation


Not even sure why I care, my life has never changed from one administration to the next. This one just seems to be more entropicaly entertaining then all the others.


Wonder if I could get Eminem to rap that?


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