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Spatial connected non sequiturs

June 16, 2017


Does auntie matter to uncle wave, particularly when it comes to quarks?

Your neutral input, will add a positive charge to the gravity of the situation.

In light of the frequency that this occurs,  although rarely detectable if you are not there to observe it.

Guess we could ask Gamma ray, after she finishes that primordial soup she made from scratch

Then maybe we can have those licorice donuts that on the whole are very black

We offered some to the principal.  Uncertain he would eat them, suggested we bring them to the Sr. class making posters to help elect Ron.

Or take them to the drama department working on Snow White, give them to the star dwarfs.

Perhaps the orchestra leader wants one.  I hear she is a super conductor as long as you don’t collide with her.

If you are not to particular about the time we could gather some worms and go to the fission hole.

I asked Jean, yes or no about going as well. Couldn’t decide as she was actively listening to the radio and playing with her cat Schroeder in a box. I so hoped she would go before it was too late.

Neil was bored, so he’s going.  Ann stained her blouse, which she discovered after lunch, with Harmony and will converge with the others after changing.


I wish I knew where this  $@!+ comes from, so I could get it edited before I hit publish.

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