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Want To Buy

June 19, 2017


Want To Buy

Some empathy

Mixed with a

Little sympathy

To let loose

This apathy


Could it be

A lark

Of divinity

I’m a spark

Smaller than

A quark


Must find

Some zeal

To learn how

To feel

Like human

Being real


Searching for

Some compassion

Locked in

The bastion

Please spare me

A ration


I’m sure it

Is there

The ability

To care

Just happens

So rare


Very easy

To resist

Wondering if

I exist

Like fog

In the mist


No matter

How much money

Will do it

For my honey

As she must

Truly love me


A being

All too pathetic

Of reality

A heretic

Treating self

Quite sadistic


Can no

Longer deny

Am willing

To try

Launch strong

And fly





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