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Turning Tables

June 18, 2017


The tables are turning

Surveillance is backfiring

Rome is hot burning

The elected are learning

The public is discerning

Leadership it is yearning



Believe living in a democracy

Realizing it is a kleptocracy

Combined with vile autocracy

Deluded no longer, beginning to see

A way to be governed a fallacy

Feeling not at all a normalcy



Perhaps opting for meritocracy

Blending with reasoned technocracy

Steering clear of any theocracy

Eliminating ruse sea to shining sea

Realze our insignificance in the galaxy

Is there any real need for a presidency



If we really value true righteousness

As an awareness of our consciousness

Sacrificing power with no recompense

Enamored by money w/no consequence

Knowing this, none of it makes sense

Greed, shortsightedness must be hence



Must shift in to a new reality

Shake off this crazy insanity

Before it goes on in perpetuity

Can handle only so much depravity

Holding one thought in a world of duality

Breath,  focus on center of gravity



For now, it gives me something to rhyme

Till one can dwell in a new paradigm

My mind goes there all of the time

Traverse the cosmos to find the sublime

Paradise for my family a collective design

Find an aeon respite for the soul of mine


Excerpts from

“Graffiti Man” by John Trudell


Grafitti man’s got something to say
Message in a scrawl message on the wall

Something’s wrong
Not our fault
We gotta be cool
Our time will come


Put on blinders
Dull the senses
Who’s worth more
Than money they spend?


Down with bosses
No more bosses
Something’s gotta change
Something’s gotta change

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