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Psst! Wake Up.

July 6, 2017


Nearly nothing at all, is getting done

It is getting worse, yet we go along


Adding “official” to story or statement

Makes it no more believable, I lament


Threats of war, wheels still go around

Ship of commerce ne’er runs aground


Every country that has bombs and tanks

The other thing in common is the banks


Lose common sense, to judgment a rush

Fight with each other, keeping them flush


Extracting resources that hardly will spoil

Paying the heavy price of red blood for oil



Approaching 200 days my how time flies

In that span probably trice that many lies


Tis an easy distraction, blame the media

Peel back the curtain find OZ of hysteria


Taking 240 plus years to find a solution

Best to engage in a peaceful revolution


Start off, do not treat anyone with disdain

For it has been tried over and again


To make America great would be a start

Quiet the ego brain, listen to the heart


Otherwise it will go from bad to worse

With no one to drive a planet size hearse


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