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Icing On The Cake

July 7, 2017


That is all I want to be


The icing on the cake

Sweet and tasty

Brightly colored

With sprinkles

Under a brilliant

Warm candle flame



My awareness

Tells me I am

So much more

Than the sum

Of my parts


I am


The warm candle flame

As the gigantic solar sphere

Giving heat and light

To grow canes of sugar

Also, evaporating oceans

Causing clouds to rain


Or the corn growing skyward

To the nuclear explosions

Millions of miles away

To be harvested by me

Then processed unnaturally

Into high fructose corn syrup


All near the dairy farm where

As a cow, over fed and

Undernourished, am contrapted

To an automated machine

Extracts painfully the ingredients

Of butterfat and milk


Piped off to processors

Pumped into purifiers

Driven to distributors

Packaged to profitability

Marketed to the masses

Crammed into containers


Am the student engineer

Designing the “advanced”

Version of the harvesters

Milking machine,  pumps

Pipes, conveyor belts, printers

Testers, trackers and time tweaking


Also the steelworker making

The iron for the oil rig and drill bits

The captain and ship braving the sea

Docking at the refinery to make into

Plastics for packaging, diesel for power

Gas for cars,  asphalt to drive on


All that coming together at different

Times on different days arriving at

The bakery to be mixed and made

On the morning shift dawn breaking

Cake covering creamy concoction

To be the icing on the cake


I just

Want to

Be the


On the




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