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Wardrobe Malfunction

July 10, 2017


Suit up or dawn the robes?


Once heard that a business suit is the metaphorical equivalent to a suit of armor.


An armor of concealment and protection.


What to wear ?


Double breasted, elbow pads, neckties and cufflinks.


The loose of openness and vulnerability of free flowing comfortable garments.



What we say we want is not what we honor or give credence.

Still waiting for that Jesus Archetype to show up, then the collective will know what to wear and how to dress / behave.

Meanwhile, if we paid attention,  and looked a little, okay a lot deeper, into our how to be closet. We would find the outerwear to match our inner knowing.



Still never sure exactly where this content context comes from but since it landed here, I left it here.

Where is an editor or a delete-er when you really need one?


From → Bible, humor, Paradox, random

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