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Instead of the wall

July 13, 2017


Might be more apropo

To start building a

Palatial prison where

The inmates are

Shackled with

Diamond encrusted

Platinum handcuffs

Given a wall sized TV

So the first guest can watch

Himself at his inauguration

With Obama’s crowd

Superimposed cheering

On the egomaniacal

Perplexed Putin puppet

Presidential prisoner

In an oval cell

Tweeting to a group

Of highly trained

Psychologists and

Psychiatrists to

Monitor his “free”

Health care of

Medication administration

While holographic

Projections of yes men

Do what they are told

And repeatedly keep

Telling him how great

He is and that next he

Should run for the

Emperor of Earth

Before being elected

Cardinal of the cosmos

Then Inspiration

Of the infinite



I was going to stop at platinum handcuffs and perhaps, should have, then fingers took over.




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