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New Requirements

July 14, 2017

“It is what makes it scary, when you think how old most of the people who run this f@#! %g country are.

There’s a minimum age to be the president,  there should be a maximum age to be the president as well.

I wouldn’t mind having a 25 year old president. Sh!# would be weird,  but it would at least go forward.”

Doug Stanhope


New requirements to be President


Minimum Age 25
Maximum Age 50


Citizen requirement changed to

Need to be a human

A being with empathy compassion and an uncanny ability to fail a narcissism test.


Third requirement a real world functioning vocabulary.


Presidential Thesaurus


Good  =  Really good

Bad  =  Very bad

Beautiful  =  Most beautiful

Incredible  =  Incredibly Incredible

Sad = So sad

Important = Big League


My Bad!


I am just jealous that with all his privilege of power,  he has the latest “Newspeak” dictionary right before the next one transitions into ungood, plusgood and doubleplusungood!





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