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No Evil Monkeys

July 24, 2017


Paradigm shift the interpretation


The current meme figurine

Is of three monkeys each

With their hands, over, either

Their eyes, mouth or ears


Which to mirror the aphorism

Suggests we do the same

In order to simply close off

Three of our senses, senselessly


Hear no evil

See no evil

Speak no evil

What is evil?


Was evil present when Mt Vesuvius erupted?

Leaving Pompeii covered in ash?

Was it evil when the earthquake

In Armenia left 45,000 dead?

If so?  Who or what “caused” it ?

Exactly, no one or no thing.



Perceive to hear no evil.

Intend to speak no evil

Perceive to see no evil


We are a strange lot, of

Perception monkeys.


I believe Shakespeare had it right.


“All the world is a stage.

We are merely players.”


– Shakespeare


Besides the metaphorical context, what if?  As Neil Peart summed up greatly.


All the world’s indeed a stage
And we are merely players
Performers and portrayers
Each another’s audience
Outside the gilded cage


– Rush


What if it were “true”?

That this whole awareness is you or me playing a two-bit part in a community theatre play on an extremely minutely detailed exquisitely crafted over the top oxygen producing life giving moving stage?

The sun and moon. (Lights)
Your eyes. (Camera)
Your movements. (Action)

With over 7 billion extras.

Having after around 9 months of stage fright, your stage mom pushes you out on the stage.

Initially feeding you your lines, in various scenarios only to find out there is no script and every one is improvising.

Some believing within the confines of knowing that there is no manuscript, tend to follow what other actors wrote down along time ago.

A script within no script as it were, to try and manipulate an outcome that either they think they need to follow, by making up a producer. A producer that is so wonderful and great, no one is allowed to talk directly to “him”.

As other actors who also know there is no script, opt to create their own invisible producer to compete with all the other figments of imagination in order to elevate themselves as better than other actors.


“You know there is a living God that will talk directly to you – not through the pages of a Bible that forgot to mention dinosaurs.”

Bill Hicks


I can see already that this post is in need of a rewrite.

Oh well.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, practice, practice.


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