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At Least

July 25, 2017


This time, the diversionary tactics did not include demolishing buildings whilst blaming impossibly qualified rookie pilots.

Not being able to locate non existent planes, or indestructible black boxes.
Save the ones that conveniently corroborate then chaotic confusion.

So even the “bad” guys are evolving.

Guess they learned, that the less 3000 people that are killed, the 3000 more there are to consume stuff, feeding their machine.

The tell tale puffs of white smoke can not be video taped if it is plausible one high up administration goofball has a faulty memory. Can blame a poorly filled out document on an assistant.

Can not remember meetings with alleged enemies, except when reminded and oh yeah, have coordinating emails plus the others that were in the meeting about “adoption”.

Turns out those adoption meetings seem to have been about adopting ways of using the constitution to wipe their ass and show the American public it was just being used to clean up the non mess the predecessor left behind.

Always a distraction, this horrible act was done by earthlings in Afghanistan, better go look in Iraq. They’ve got the WMD’S.

Wait, that is a sovereign nation having no “beef” with the us. Oh yeah, we want the profits from the licorice liquid under their land. Which when threatened with gas at $10.00 plus a gallon. What is a consumer to do? What would the price of milk be?

Maybe imperialism isn’t so bad as long as we are the imperialists, and we can maintain our “gross” gross consumptive lifestyle.

Think anything would change, if the only collusion discovered had nothing to do with #45 Manchurian Muppet and is just a mental pocket watch swaying back and forth in the background with subliminal messages.  “Buy more shit”. Keeps OZ busy behind the veil, pulling levers and counting coins.

The not so subtle message last go around was “Buy more stuff, get out and shop, otherwise the “terrorists” win.” Which if you think about it, helped the terrorists win. The planetary desecrators anyway.

Now it is a matter of Tweeting WMD’S Words of Moronic Delusion saying will do this, while doing something else.

Scapegoating surrogates, shredding sanity.  Craftily and corruptly crapping on all candidates. Attacking once attractive now atrocious attorneys in general.

My guess is that, if the economy was not going so full tilt, that blind eye would be having the hand of God, full vision miraculously restored and notice that not all is right. Which for now is alright, though alibis are less than airtight.

You know, when the news outlets are reporting on each other and not the Kardashians, the consumer conglomerations have changed and upped their marketing strategy.

Feels like I could finagle a whole book out of this, but since this is a blog and not a bookstore I’ll stop here.

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  1. You should have been made official historian to the human race when humankind first raised a club against its neighbour. Who knows, maybe we’d have learnt something from reading the truth, and the world would be a different place.
    Notice I say ‘humankind’, since it’s acceptable to bomb cities and murder innocent civilians, but anything that even hints at sexism is an offence deserving of tarring and feathering.

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