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Could Just Be

July 26, 2017


Could just be the replacement for the all too long description, have been using in various posts to describe humans in a way, that eliminates the separation imposed by descriptive language.

Man – too patriarchal
Woman – too attached to man to clarify
Human  – still to patriarchal
Earthling – limited to one planet
Being – same as rock or flower

Bi-pedal oxygen breathing, monoxide exhaling, red-blooded, skeleton supported, solar powered, carbon-based, large brained, earth inhabitant omnivores.

While that’s more accurate,  it’s a bit too scientific.


I think I found it


What a liberating moniker.




Could be where the phrase “How great thou Art” comes from. Hmmm?


Earthlings inhabit

Humans destroy

Consumers consume


Artists create.



Inspired by


“The Voice of Knowledge”

Don Miguel Ruiz


What would be a more godlike characteristic to emulate?




It is gender neutral

Race ignoring

Religion excluding


Its 3 letters are already in e ART h. Smack dab in the middle, of earth.

Go with what is known.


To put this in context as it applies to me.


The easel / road is essentially the same each night every night.

However the canvas is new each trip.

Blank, if no one is in front of me. Just me and the road. Nor anybody behind me.

Yet, it might be raining, it might be dark, it might be the weekend, it could be a holiday, it could be 10 p.m., it could be 4 a.m.

Oncoming headlights may be too bright, there may be an accident up ahead. Alleged authority may have pulled somebody over.

As factory work as it is, it is different every day.

One night I will have two trailers, one night I will have three trailers, sometimes they will be loaded, sometimes they will be empty,

Same goes for what I’m listening to, could be the news, could be an audio book, could be my iPod, every factor changes at every second.

Eyes on the road, hands on the steering wheel.  Mind focused,  yet contemplating.

Am I here,  why am I here? Is this a dream, or is this just some perceived reality?

The freedom expressed in saying I am an artist is incredible. Try it,  repeat it.

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  1. Fantastically artful. ❤


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