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Black Pill

July 26, 2017


“I am a cage, in search of a bird.”

― Franz Kafka


Black pills on one hand

Keyboard under the other

Note to self

Keep typing

Must keep typing


Even if it is nonsense

As it makes no sense

Having know sense

Been here before since

Karma to recompense ?


The digitized pixels from the words “printed” on this blog, stacked upon each other would represent all of the significance they have to anybody but this author.

Even author is too egotistical to describe, as these thoughts flow mysteriously on the screen. With all the profundity of shining a flashlight on the sun. Making sense to no one.


Must needs keep typing

Practice dopey rhyming

Out of deep hole climbing

Perfect jokes, with……..timing

Prevent suicide trying

Paradigm shift relying

Reverse self despising

Cease approval vying

Shed tears start crying

Perhaps not all are lying

Keep sole surviving

Flourish soul thriving

Daily heed reminding

Wait for the light so blinding

Serve others start providing

End senseless complaining

Enjoy your days remaining

That is all I am just saying



“We live, we die
& death not ends it”

Jim Morrison



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One Comment
  1. Yes! You say it with style.
    Let’s both keep typing, and carrying out the functions that keep us alive – until the falling elephant lands on our head, or we die of natural causes. It’s the polite thing to do.

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