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July 31, 2017


Name a sick bird.

Oops,  wrong spelling.   Ill Eagle


If abortions become illegal, how soon after, till pre-abortions become illegal. When the powers that be, legislate you must procreate a new consumer.


Guilty as charged.


I willfully and consciously chose never to plant any seeds in any garden from a deep insight of knowing I’d be a horrendously awful and vile parent.

Trashing and kicking to the curb.

Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Religion,  Government, Authority, Perception, Big Bang, God, Religion, Work, etc…..

Wrecking and wreaking havoc on any soul that could have attached itself to those dividing cells that form a bipedal earthling artist

If one chooses to be in control of their own body as if it were their own.

Your body is your own private Property. You own your own meat. If you own nothing else in the World, you own the #ucking meat That’s packing your bones.

– Doug Stanhope


The only reason I may be considered remotely a 1/100th way descent non-biological parent is that I’m here.

Of course, the opposite could equally be true (might just be too *ucked up to recognize it)(or in denial to hear it).

I may be polluting the waters downstream and not be aware, as that is not my conscious intent. Could just be runoff from a toxic wasteland of being.

However, in my immediate family the sons, son in law, and myself, all have living yet, non existent bio dads.

New chickens, new eggs, even if not, opted to cater to, other’s hens eggs, ignoring own fertilized eggs.

Perhaps too, am reversing the trend of  roosters, not abandoning.

That might just be one of the many answers, as to why am I here?

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