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There ought to be a law

July 31, 2017

“4 Billion Souls”
–  The Doors

Numerically updated to 8
Still some time, not too late

“Two, Four, Six, Eight
Billion souls
Are gonna rest

If all our friends
Don’t try their best

To change the way
This world is headed for

We can find our hapiness

It ain’t so hard to find
Just look a little further up the line
Just a little further up in time

Don’t you see that we could be
The first in history

Leavin’ all that we don’t need behind

We could clean it up and make it shine”


There ought to be naught a law.


Think of the level of responsibility nearly 8b people would have to have if there were no man made laws to follow, or be subject to.



Imagine Reimagined


No borders to not cross
No passports to get lost

No speeds to limit
No legislation to inhibit

No regulations to follow
No ignorance in to wallow

No rules to apply
No freedoms to deny

No electric chairs to fry
No reason to lie

No money to exchange
No titanic chairs to rearrange

No governments to legislate
No more hate to create

No authority to enforce
No decisions to reverse

No prisons to hold
No minorities to be rolled

No guns to fire
No assassins for hire

No deities to deceive
No sins to relieve

No power to ascend
No excuses to defend

No taxes to pay
No how no way

No weapons to use
No wars to win or lose

No statutes to limit
No crimes to revisit

No constitutions to amend
No discrepancies to end

No surveillance to watch
No criminals to catch

No eaves to drop
No pigs to slop

No lawyers to prosecute
No defenders to defend


No books to read
No music to hear


Oops,  nevermind



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