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Pick your battles

August 3, 2017


“Pick Your Battles” ensures that if one is going to spend a considerable amount of time and resources in fighting for a certain issue, it should be worth it.

Hence choosing the battles you wish to invest your effort in becomes important.

There’s no point in sweating on the small stuff..


I am battled out.

It’s all small stuff

It is all small stuff

It, is all small stuff



: to push (something) quickly and carelessly into a small space.

Like an overloaded suitcase stuffed with lots of small stuff is no longer small stuff stuffed.  But, rather a burgeoning conglomeration seemingly to behave as something larger than its parts.


Battled out

No clout

Just one more

Metaphor for war


War against the mirror

Hazard to myself

– Pink


External ones are easy

Internal ones make me queasy


Just as you can choose to pick your own battles, and you can also choose to pick not to battle.



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