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August 3, 2017


I am thirsty

Yet hydrated

I am hungry

Yet satiated

I’ve diarrhea

Yet constipated

I am whole

Yet decimated

I see clearly

Yet blinded

I hear well

Yet deafened

I am free

Yet apprehended

I am great

Yet lessened

I am bored

Yet fascinated

I am at peace

Yet tortured

I am simple

Yet complicated

I am stable

Yet unbalanced

I am solid

Yet perforated

I am healthy

Yet wounded

I am broken

Yet mended

I am new

Yet replaced

I am scribbled

Yet erased

I am separate

Yet blended

I am eaten

Yet regurgitated

I am sane

Yet demented

I am dark

Yet enlightened

I am well written

Yet misread

I am God

Yet Deviled

I am understood

Yet miscomprehended

I am starting

Yet finished



All this, because I noticed I was thirsty after having drank plenty of water.

Then like a flowing faucet, fingers found phrases to fast and furiously fill frameless form.




From → humor, Paradox, random

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