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Look, There is nothing to see

August 9, 2017


“A whole wide world
An endless universe
Yet, we keep looking
Through the eyeglass In reverse


In different circles
We keep holding our ground
Indifferent circles
We keep spinning round and round”

Rush  “Territories”

– Neil Peart 


Nothing to protest

Caught up in nothing

Nada, zilch, zip, zero

Less than nothing


Like the content of the man

Empty, substance-less, a void

Which is not to say, he does

Not need, desire and deserve


Lots of love and compassion

(That’s what I’d need in those shoes)

Perhaps, just not the attention he gets

Save the rest for his visitations in prison



Heard a broadcast of people protesting

Trump’s tumultuous transgender tweet

Making mockery of military malevolence

And I am thinking.  WHY ??  It’s a tweet.


It is not policy,  The generals rejected it.

The base loved it, regardless of outcome

Nothing changed. No thing. Know that.

Recycle, repeat, Alter, recycle, repeat



He didn’t serve, His enlistment deferred.

It was a technological Tourette typing .

Like a tick turding on a tree in Texas

Bringing applause to vile excrement



If lights and cameras were shined

On that pesky pine poop producer

His insatiable ego would keep going

Thinking his stool, sniffed, smells special



For in the oneness of the greater all

There are parts of me that are him

Likewise parts of him that are ye

All of which is the collective us


The optics are based on a slight of hand

Perceived illusion is what we make it

Properly ignored will make it go away

Or addressing it within ourselves, it’s gone





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One Comment
  1. I particularly love that first stanza.


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