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Deficit of being haiku with tanka

August 10, 2017



It’s in the mirror

A deficit of being

What I am seeing


Learn new words do i

To consolidate my speech

Best communicate


The looks I must get

As if though three heads have I

Adds to the regret


To open my mouth

Lets out ridiculousness

Hard to decipher


Once used cognizant

When it seemed appropriate

All heard, turned and groaned



Much to my chagrin

Ooh, look at Mr. Big words

Fine, will keep mouth shut



Guess I’ll use newspeak

Say double plus good aware

Think that might just work

For the knuckle heads to hear

Ooops, did not mean to be mean


Would speak from the heart

If I actually had one

See my dilemma


Am deaf in one ear

Can’t hear out of the other

What is it you said



Besides my hearing

It’s my poor listening skills

Can not comprehend



Some use emotions

It’s that I don’t understand

There’s no hope for me



Is there hope for me

It does not seem like there is

Save mirror be gone



Don’t know haiku rules

If contractions are okay

It seems like cheating



A tanka to close

Just read the definition

From dictionary

Maybe I just need to write

Let others respond to that


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