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Taxpayer Funded Entertainment

August 14, 2017


OZ is looming large

Pulling levers and scaring

From behind curtain


It’s always Showtime.

Get some popcorn and butter

Relax and enjoy



Kardashian who ?

Jenner what? What gender now?

Turn on cable news


Oh what you will miss

If you do not stay so glued

Besides sanity


Presidential words

Are so simple,  yet confused

Pure entertainment


The set is setup

The stage is already built

Players are tax paid



Your health care, schmelth care

The tail is wagging the dog

Distracted again



Immigration lies

Wail against a non wall

Another deceit



Putin on the Ritz

Another calamity

Subterfuge abounds



Can’t win while losing

Dignity global respect

Reputation dies



On to who knows what

The zombie apocalypse

Report roaming dead

Revenue increasing more

As dead not charge for acting



From → Haiku, humor, random

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