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The 1 % Rule

August 20, 2017


The 1 % rule because of “The 1 % Rule”

Rule # 1: “Keep them fighting amongst themselves”

If that fails, use rule # 2

Rule # 2: Use Rule #1. It never fails


“Cause that’s all you ever hear about in this country, is our differences. That’s all the media and the politicians are ever talking about–the things that separate us, things that make us different from one another. 

That’s the way the ruling class operates in any society. They try to divide the rest of the people. They keep the lower and the middle classes fighting with each other so that they, the rich, can run off with all the fucking money!

Fairly simple thing. Happens to work. You know? Anything different–that’s what they’re gonna talk about–race, religion, ethnic and national background, jobs, income, education, social status, sexuality, anything they can do to keep us fighting with each other, so that they can keep going to the bank!”

– George Carlin


Protest from your couch. Rarely, if at all has any couch protestor been ran over,  killed, shot, maimed, tazered, tear gassed,  water cannoned, abused, kicked, punched, spit upon, screamed at, glared at, seen, photographed, or incited to riot.


Folks have got to make choices
And choices got to have voices
Folks are basically decent
Conventional wisdom would say
But we read about the exceptions
In the papers every day

It ought to be second nature
At least, that’s what I feel
Now I lay me down in Dreamland
I know perfect’s not for real
I thought we might get closer
But I’m ready to make a deal

Today is different, and
tomorrow the same
It’s hard to take the world
the way that it came

Too many rapids
keep us sweeping along
Too many captains
keep on steering us wrong

It’s hard to take the heat
It’s hard to lay blame
To fight the fire
while we’re feeding the flames

– Rush


Stay home, if only one person shows up for the party, eventually they too will go home.

The glaringly tyrannical mob rule failing outcomes of the Democratic process.

Either by the tyranny of the minority where a small, well groomed and positioned group gets their way by outsmarting the majority.

Or by the tyranny of the majority imposing their will, by shear force of numbers, leaving smaller groups adhering to something not agreed to.


Gluttonous consumption of bad ideas.


Eventually supporting higher taxes to pay for more police, insurance rates jacked to cover costs of damage, more surveillance to keep eyes on the “trouble makers”.

A sadly self inflicted socio-fascist-police state manifested, not from the top down, rather the bottom up. By the puppets themselves tangling the wires. When in reality, there are no wires to tangle. Cut the invisible wires.

Be divine. Stop worshipping those golden calves (Robert E. Lee statues). Ignore those worshipping golden calves as if they were worshipping golden calves.  See it for its ridiculousness.  Again be yourself divine.

In all the chaos, keep an eye on who benefits, certainly not the people fighting amongst themselves. Banks, insurance and authority, the very things people like the least.


Way to go Donald

Way to lead

Over a cliff

While people bleed




“The Billionaires in business, tell the Millionaires in politics, that the rest of us are greedy.”



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