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Spoonfuls Of Sugar

August 23, 2017


A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

– “Mary Poppins”


Considering lately that the political news is already a bitter pill to swallow…

Then Rachel Maddow administers it with all the clarity, say a caring second grade teacher might, explaining a math problem with zero ambiguity that the entire class understands it, without further explanation.

Robin Quivers feeds the news to Howard Stern who has already digested the sugar, turns it into burps with leftover energy to throw in a few fart jokes and innuendos, while pointing out the hypocrisies of the news makers to laugh while it is being consumed.

Fox, who serves the pleasures of the president, takes too much sugar, heats it up, till it is a molten mass of malignant molasses, still then splits that in to two batches. One that puts a frosting on the moldy, vile and disgusting behavioral cupcake, obscuring its ineptitude.

Takes the rest, turns the heat up a notch reduces the once sweet sugar to its most base carbon structure, drained if all the energy, now more bitter than the news they were trying to feed the audience in the first place. Save the ones who like to salivate over only the frosting.



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