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Information Overload

August 28, 2017


Information Overload

Technology Overlord

Time to sever the

Cellular umbilical cord


Different ways to say it

Must not at all repeat

Find healthy means to

Ween off electronic teet


Be it accident or design

Is it absolutely necessary

To always be on online

Each place and at all times


So desperately attached

Barely remember a time

That it has not been used

Tiny screen eyes are glued


Almost afraid to go outside

To check out the weather

Without first consulting the

Pricey pixeled toted tether


The brain will atrophy

As an effective tool

Why exercise it at all

When you can use Google


Must change my outlook

Visit with imaginary friends

You know, ones on Facebook

There,  I’m sure, till the end


At least till power goes out

Will they hear, a voiceless shout

Am sure they will come around

If I don’t lose them in the cloud






From → humor, random

One Comment
  1. Good one. The need to be “on” 24/7 can’t be healthy. I’m lucky to live in a place that doesn’t have cell service yet. 🙂


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