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Time’s Up

September 7, 2017


Time seems to be a man made construct for war and commerce which could be seen as one in the same.


Stores hours

Open at 9

Close at 11


The war began at 9 am on date

The war ended at 11 pm on later date


(Too many wars to be specific)


Stores open 24/7

Wars never end


See a connection?


If we keep consuming stuff that requires military intervention to secure a resource, governments and corporations do not start or perpetuate wars, we do.

Like the destruction of rain forests, the corporations are only doing our bidding. As we demand more food at less cost, for more people with less nutrition. More gizmos and less education, more distraction, less focus, more distrust less connection.


Corporate Imperialism
Enslaving the Death Planet
Under the Life Star
The Rule of Law
Storm Troopers Rule
Artificially Protected by
Their White Body Mask
Policing Themselves
While Being Policed
Policing Others
The Illusion of Rebellion
Energizes the Dark Energy
Feeding the Machine
To Ensure Consumption
Freedom Lies Where the
Dead Bury Their Dead


Whew, that got dark quick, let me lighten it up with this.


“Rich Man’s War”

– John Trudell


Rich man’s war
Industrial streets
Class lines money talks
Turning language to paper pieces

Rich man’s war
Free man society
Raging violent insecurity
Nuclear man nuclear woman
Unclear how to act

Rich man’s war
Pershing’s cruising Europe
America – Russia
Governmental nuclear views
Industrial allies cutting the world
As though they cannot see blood flowing

Rich man’s war
Central America bleeding
Wounds same as Palestine and Harlem
Three Mile Island and El Salvador
Pine Ridge and Belfast


Rich man’s war

the poor,
starving for food
starving for land,
starving for peace
starving for real.


Rich man’s war

Attacking human
Attacking being
Attacking earth
Attacking tomorrow

Rich man’s war
Thinking of always war
Thinking of always war



With machines for ancestors
New unborn generations
Chemical umbilical cords
Are only wiring
In your electrical progress
Human lives burnt offerings
To the God Greed

With lies for ancestors
There is no truth in some futures
Rulers of minds feeding next
Generation souls to the
Control machine
Sacrifice ritual for the
Prophet technology

With isolation for ancestors
There’s only the present
Bought by the credit material uses
Forging chains binding you to destruction
Compliments of your deities
The industrial priests




No more than neon flash
Trying hiding in eon mask

Have to face who we really are
Some point we have no choice

Distant star distant light
In real world we are human being
In shadow of real world
We are being human

Eon mask for neon flash
Distant thunder distant cloud
Passions reign
Drenched in possession
What we take is hard to do
What we do is hard to take

Some ones are crazy or
Maybe we take turns
Dreaming about some kind of life
We say it could have been different
But it wasn’t because we weren’t

No matter what it turns out the same
Lot of things we said weren’t true
Industrial stories
In an electric instant

Eon mask
Neon flash neon flash
Thing is nihilistic desires
Civil lies gone insane
Didn’t imagine it turning out like this

Some things start good and go bad
Some things get bad and stay bad
Are we caught in between
Living a lie or not living at all

Eliminated choices
Lost in dreams we let go
Memories we never got to have
Something else to think about

Waking up in industrial society
Surrounded by angry days
Going through motions of not being
Wanting the best but not expecting it

Surviving paid for in dreams
Feeling like a world alone
Serving God with the Devil to pay
Feeling like something in no place

What goes on in Hell anyway?

Thing is it has to do with heart
We have to understand what hearts
Are for before we can get back
To heaven or paradise
Or the power of our mind



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