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Figuring Out

September 6, 2017


It’s renewal time, with the ever approaching “deadline” to decide whether or not to continue to have an electronic “place for my stuff”.

Trying to figure out why I am still doing this blog, save it being a self published electronic newspaper for no one to read.

Observations impossible to communicate in any meaningful way that brings change either internally or externally.

Except for the smug satisfaction of painting a piece of the puzzle that is me with words. Borrowing many from societies geniuses, comedians and lyricists.

I’ve at least figured out, it is not going to save the world. Perhaps just save my world as a way to keep my sanity in check.

Trying to separate the duality of thought that it might be organized into reasonable chaos to decipher in a more peaceful time.

A place where hearts are open, minds are sharp, bellies are full, vision is clear, hearing is crisp, smells are pleasant, touch is gentle, resources are shared, energy is free, skies are clean, travel is cheap, races are honored, religion is gone, faith is understood, beliefs are unique,




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