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Ear Plugs

October 18, 2017


I need some new ear plugs to protect

Not my hearing as one would expect

But rather to keep something whole

And preserve the sanctity of my soul

An alleged leader so very decadent

Diatribes mouthed by the president

There’s no thinking outside of the box

Particularly if listen to the news on fox

Where everyone is expected to comply

With each new and every deceptive lie

Can not convince otherwise in the least

Those who think that war is peace

Amongst the few going to any length

To easily prove ignorance is strength

Cognitive dissonance is so unsavory

Accepting easily that freedom is slavery

Another thing that some can’t fathom

The right to stand or kneel for the anthem

Divisiveness is what has been out dished

About the only thing he’s accomplished

Russia my very well be his downfall

While still repeating he will build a wall

Here’s a kicker a real mind bender

Discovering his son wants to transgender

Can no longer handle the verbal diarrhea

Doing nothing but threaten North Korea

His angry rants show he’s a little off-kilter

As he resides in an adult day care center



The vile bile that regurgitates oozing or spewing from that cold dark vessel like a satanic sermon malignantly mesmerizing the mindless masses disguised as either truth or compassion falls abysmally short of representing what a leader would do.


Now that I’m getting this writing down,  I am going to have to brush up on sentence structure.


From → dark, humor, Paradox, random

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