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Speech, Speech, Speech

October 18, 2017

“What do you think of Western Civilization?”

“I think it would be a great idea.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Donald’s Speech 8-21-2017

Who would have thunk, that a mostly monotone monologue would have been dichotomously distractive simply because it was so out of character.

My guess is that he negotiated to agree to that delivery, as long as he could say “big” twice and “losers” once. Sacrificing the word “HUGE” to prevent his non-base from having a successful drinking game doing shots every time he said it.

The corner puzzle pieces have been found, the perimeter edges are filling in nicely. The image on the concrete box is coming together. Spread out over the court of public opinion.

Deformed red squares, adjacent promising greens.  Moving pieces around making them fit. As the awareness of being duped awakens the base.

Switching from a tight
tailored business ensemble
to a loose fitting orange
jumpsuit in shackles.
With enough freedom to
tweet the prison blues.

“In this struggle, the heaviest burden will continue to be borne by the good people of Afghanistan and their courageous armed forces. As the prime minister of Afghanistan has promised, we are going to participate in economic development to help defray the cost of this war to us.”

– Trump’s speech 8-21-17

Besides probably stealing the oil, am guessing “to participate in economic development to help defray the cost of this war” means also to take some Lanthanum.

“Lanthanum is used as a component of nickel-metal hydride batteries, whose most important commercial use is in hybrid cars.”

– Softschoolsdotcom

Got to love those cars, can’t stand not stealing the stuff to make them run and killing a few sovereign people in the meantime under the this time, the guise of defeating terrorism.

Likewise a subtle reason for Vietnam was perhaps getting to their tungsten. Having brokered that war from the French could it really be much different to broker the Afghanistan war from Russia as some kind of cryptic payment to get the egotistical Frump Tower Moscow built?

Kind of like getting a mortgage from a bank, not only do they get the upfront money, they sell the note to another buyer for residual profits.

Could probably guess he’ll let the CIA keep harvesting the poppy seed to profit for black ops as both turn a blind eye to each other’s shenanigans.

“Dealer man not dealing drugs because people do drugs, it’s so they will. A way of fixing them, while they break.”

– John Trudell “Rich Man’s War”

BTW none of this is substantiated with any kind of proof. Am merely having fun editorializing this out based on stuff I’ve heard or read.

Maybe though, instead of labeling those sovereign citizens with bogeyman fear producing monikers, that create enemies followed by anxiety and patriotism to justify tax payer funded murder.

We instead could call them grown fetuses, who would like to spend time with their offspring fetuses, that just brought into this world new fetuses.

Just like most everyone else on this planet without the fear that the corporate imperialists will use their henchmen to clear them away from their home to drill and mine on their land. For deadly profits, because they can.

Why is it, that ‘merikkkan alleged leader who, when it is convenient claims to be a Christian, seeks an outcome of peace while waging war.

To be fair, all his predecessors have done similar war crimes, all the way back to Carter.

No where have I heard or read, did that Jesus fellow do anything similar.

Putin’s puppet, plagiarizing past presidents to pipeline petroleum to pay for fuel, funding further fatalities fraught from fatigue, fighting forever for criminal corrupt corporations craving crimson corpuscles converted to cash

Guess the Donald just figured out the profit margins are greater in oil then in real estate where instead of sneaking out of paying some workers or stiffing the city of promised revenues.

All you have to do is go and bonk brown earthlings on their head and steal the resources under their feet. Celebrate with Bush blood and oil cocktails.

I’d be more than happy to shed some redundant proto plasm if we could all agree to perhaps simply trade food and kindness as a reasonable barter to accomplish the same thing without manifesting fear and hatred of our fellow cosmic spherical space travelers.


“It was pretty amazing, you’ve got to admit, watching a missile fly down an air vent. Pretty unbelievable. But couldn’t we feasibly use that same technology to shoot food at hungry people?

You know what I mean? Fly over Ethiopia,  there’s a guy that needs a banana….
Stealth Banana. ……… Smart Fruit…..”


– Bill Hicks
– “The War” (first gulf war)
– “Flying Saucer Tour”




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