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Matters Not

November 1, 2017

Apparently it matters not.


Regardless of how accurate, detailed, non circumstancial and absolutely verifiable proof of the money trail of ads placed on social media or tampered machines.

Regarding the 2nd Republican allegedly stolen election in modern times.

Those who believe 45 won the popular vote, is doing the best he can, is going to build a wall at the neighbors expense.

Make tax code changes that do not benefit him, change health care, if just a few more, would cooperate. Decries fake news while tweeting the same.

Had nothing to do with Russia or any other country, maybe, maybe not, could be, don’t know. Blame Hillary or the dems.

Speaking of playing the blame game.

Depends on who you want to find at fault depends on which news you listen to. Who new Faux News is the empty closet where the emperor keeps his clothes?

Those who believe, will, those who don’t won’t. Regardless of either, nothing has changed. Except unemployment is down, slavery is up, consumption continues.

America the beautiful. One big transcontinental commercial cesspool. And how do the people feel about all this? How do people feel about living in a coast to coast shopping mall? Well they think it’s JUST FUCKING DANDY!”

– George Carlin

Apparently the general public likes promises over substance believing that two birds in the bush are worth more than one in hand.

Indictments, innuendos, surrogate, subterfuge, coercion, connections, crafty collusion, nepotism, negativism, nationalism, nihilistic narcissism.

Guilty?  Perhaps, yes, no and probably.

Yet like any good owner, the “theys and thems” are going to protect their property / investment.

The malevolent Manchurian marauder will be safe from any real prosecution, persecution, gulag or prison.

As he has done his puppet masters bidding to distract the distracted from their distractions. The proof is in the Bush / Cheyney / Rumsfeld pudding.

“I’ll show you politics in America.

Here it is, right here.

“I think the puppet on the right shares my beliefs.”

“I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking.”

“Hey, wait a minute, there’s one guy holding out both puppets!”

“Shut up! Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control.”

– Bill Hicks

This is all merely, a finely choreographed dog and pony show to keep everyone glued to their screen to ignore the degradation of humanity.

Leaving millions without power or clean drinking water, manifesting fears of nuclear annihilation.

Squabbling over empty arguments of the meaning of freedom. Doubling down with the NFL’s purpose of distraction

While increasing surveillance and more laws. Putting a stranglehold on even a peaceful revolution as there would be no bloody profit in that.

“The people will not revolt. They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what is happening.”

– George Orwell  “1984”

Making sure, nearly every one is armed to the teeth. With nothing to defend or attack. Accepting the slaughter of sovereign citizens under the “2 minutes hate”, collective chant of we the people.

“What’s gonna happen to the Arms industry, when we realise we’re all one? HAHA! It’s gonna fuck up the economy!

The economy that’s fake anyway! This would be a real bummer. So you can see why the government’s cracking down on the idea of experiencing unconditional love.” 

– Bill Hicks

Lest anyone think, those regurgitated bot ads, had no effectiveness, grossly underestimates the power of advertising.

.May not have moved the needle to who the committed were going to vote for.

However,  there are a lot of fence sitters who don’t know how to think or what to “buy” till they see something, over and over again.

“Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye.”

– Bill Hicks

That’s the whole purpose of advertising. Working behind the scenes of consciousness to lull you to sleep.

Will we wake up? I hope so, even if it matters not.


Other than the only thing my brain remembers (comedic poignant bits, used as reference, special thanks to George Carlin and Bill Hicks) I wish I knew where the rest of this “stuff” comes from.

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