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Detrimental Prosperity

October 31, 2017



On the take

Of wanting

More than

You need

Thinking it



When in


You become


More empty

Than before

Filling a void

With a



Celebrating the low unemployment percentage is awash when considering that the enslavement percentage is up.

Could it be, that so many people have their nose to the grindstone on the hamster wheel of consumption that there are not enough, available to travel to restore power in Puerto Rico?

Or has apathy taken over?  The story is fading from the broadcasts, soon to be filed away as reference for the next devastating hurricane.  Compared to what Maria did, Suze did nothing.

Meanwhile as of this writing is still mostly without power at about 75%.


Iron Maiden

Excerpt from “Fates Warning”

“A hurricane devastates
the cities in its way

The grief and misery
for the ones that are left behind

The worst is yet to come
a hell to face mankind”

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