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Human’s Second Nature

December 19, 2017

Another aspect of human nature seems to be gullibility.

As seen and heard in the most simplistic banal reptilian mindless mantras like

Lower taxes
Build a wall
Ban immigrants
Lock her up

Gobbled up like Pac-Dots whilst trying to outrun the monsters of the game that has been agreed upon to be played in the first place.

Believing first, the first thing you hear or see, simply because it registered first.

Immediately putting subsequent, perhaps more accurate or truthful realities at a disadvantage by circumstantial placement on a linear time line.

I’ve yet to hear a pundit or a certified tax accountant expert remotely suggest that the new tax plan is actually beneficial to those it is allegedly beneficial to.

But an unfortunate many, consume it hook line and sinker without any questioning simply because it sounds good, like a catchy chorus in a pop song that you can not get out of your head.

Lower taxes, lower taxes
Even though its not true

Lower taxes, lower taxes
A new deficit for me and you

Lower taxes, lower taxes
Leaving us with more to spen’

Lower taxes, lower taxes
Saddling the burden on our children

All of the above alleged campaign promises fall flat in the face of reality.

The first one is irresponsible and easy to accomplish by future astronomical debt.

The second one, absolutely implausible as a realistic solution, as planes can go over it and boats won’t go near the wall.

The last two are simply unconstitutional, hateful and irresponsible.


Our existence is becoming less natural, more machine. As though we are moths drawn to a light bulb to whoever or whichever news organization screams the loudest or the longest.

Simply because it is easier and more beneficial to distract and deceive than educate and enlighten.

Telling us what we want to hear that puts us in line with what we accept or expect. Regardless that neither may be true or real.


“In space no one can hear you scream.”

From the movie.



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