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Human’s Nature

December 19, 2017

Has a proclivity towards a police state due to its unconscious reproduction.

Wolves to be corralled, separated from the sheep, by the sheep, for the sheep.

Freedoms are lost in the sheer volume of redundant beings.

Not even through any overt or covert oppressive legislation or tyrant.

Merely cumbersome presence, thickly concentrated in stifling traffic, burgeoning boroughs, sprawling suburbs, dense districts, tumultuous towns, malignant mega cities, massive municipalities.

Add to that, fragmented farmland,  reduced ranch land, overfished oceans, ravished rainforests. Stuffed sidewalks, mobbed malls, impassable aisles.

And yes, for the most of the most part, it does not feel like I belong.

Imprisoned in a meme knotted, twisted, frayed and tangled fishing line of notions, beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, memories, projections, assumptions, actualites, knowledge, wisdom, ignorance, truths, lies, zero and infinity.

Nor even being able to find an end in order to undo, straighten, mend, clean, and wind up with care and precision to cast back out into the sea of humanity.

Worse yet, finding both ends bogged abysmally into questionable ridiculous randomness of where to start. Connections broken, retied to wrong ends, impossibly knotted.


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