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Go Entropy Go

December 20, 2017

“The more bad news there is, the faster this system collapses.”

– George Carlin


Way to go Donald


A global private spy network. Seriously?

A super spy agency to spy on the spies spying on the spied.

Wake up Alex Jones, the global elite are coming out of their tyrannical closet and Big Brother is watching. Making Trump the O’Brian character in Orwell’s “1984”.

Cradling your toothless head and jack booted beaten body while cranking the dials telling you he loves you and that (2+2 = 5)

Likewise holding to the spoken illusion that he is going to build a big great wall, impede immigration, fire and fury North Korea, had absolutely no collusion with Russia and oh yeah, lower your taxes.

Hahahaha ouch turn down the dial. Ouch, I’ll confess, I’m goofing on you.

Will someone check the functioning of our GPS,  I could have sworn our evolution and enlightenment was in the other direction

Oh well, another boost for the economy since people already sit around and watch other people for free, might as well convince them to do it for direct or passive income.




“High Time”


I flip the switch on my laser video
And there’s the man staring back at me
He starts to speak in a voice so righteous
About the sins of society

He’s got answers to all my problems
Says he’ll decide what
I should hear and see
I try to change to another station
But all I get is more of his morality
And morality, yeah

But I see the kids of a new generation
And they won’t stand for this mind control
They’re gonna change
this world we live in
They’re gonna bring back the rock and roll

So if I can,
I’m gonna break from this prison
Gonna get out and join in the fight
Take a chance on what I believe in
Win or lose, I know it’s right

‘Cause it’s high time
For us to start a revolution
High time
Just like an A-bomb explosion
High time
It ain’t the music that’s in question
High time
It’s more the freedom of expression

Change is comin’
Mind Police are comin’
We’re on the move
The Old World is crumblin’
A new day’s comin’
Tell your friends and relations
We’re on the move
We’re gonna start a rockin’ nation

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