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December 20, 2017

Since a library is about the furthest thing away from the Donald’s awareness as is the truth. Instead of wasting money on a bookless presidential library, they are going to put up a Presidential Newstand outside of the Fox News Corporation.

They will sell The New York Post and the National Enquirer, giving away Novelty fake “Time” magazine covers with every purchase. Plastic would be “border wall” replicas, made in China.

More novelties such as a tax code decoder rings that reveal the benefits you will have as soon as you start making billions of dollars, by selling your soul, colluding with foreign governments and cheating taxpayers out of their investment.

While all five of his fanatical fan base and fox friends are enjoying that, maybe Andy Dufresne will teach him to read in the Brooks Hatlen Shawshank Memorial Library.

Before teaching him how to tunnel out, with his diamond encrusted gold and platinum thumb cuffs.

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