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If Only

January 5, 2018

If only there were giants among us to help me prove a point, seeing how my flawless logic and reason have failed me.

When I hear (which to me, is an auditory observation) what people describe as things they’ve done to “raise” their children, or grandchildren my soul cringes.

Which, usually causes what sounds like to me, infinite peaceful wisdom, becomes freed from my vocal chords, only to fall on deaf ears.

In this case, an acquaintance (friends are hard to come by) felt compelled to volunteer, that in order to “discipline” his granddaughter, and that it “works”, it is perfectly OK to spank her at 3 years old.

What spilled forth from my throat was a suggestion that perhaps that is wrong. Suggesting that if that were true, then it should be true in all cases.

So, in other words, if a giant that was three times taller than you, weighed four times as much, sought to “correct” or stop a behavior of yours. It would be perfectly acceptable for that ominous giant to strike you?

Someone 17 feet tall, 540 lbs. who you trusted innately and with all your heart and soul. Grabbed you by the arm, held you steady to inflict pain on your backside.

Merely because that was the convenient and quick way to “teach” you a lesson. You would not respect that giant, you would learn to live in fear.

Well, that’s not going to happen, see, you just don’t understand because you’ve never had any biological children of your own.

Excuse me, you’re disregarding my scenario, because granted,  it is implausible to prove. Lest of course you had an imagination and a willingness to accept metaphors, and evolve.

And yes, one of the many reasons I never created any mini me’s, is because I did not want to do, to a spark of God, what my parents did to me. Corporal punishment aside.

For me it was a wooden cooking spoon. Granted, it wasn’t very often, but lasted long enough, till I was old and wise enough to grab the spoon. Whilst in the meantime, living in fear of someone who allegedly “loved” me.

It probably goes hand in hand with the religious, turned secular notion justification cliché, “spare the rod, spoil the child” unquestioned, arrogant and wounded (my parents did it to me, look how “good” I turned out.) belief.

How ’bout leading by example and not do as I say, not as I do scenario. Like hurling insults at your spouse, then wondering why the three year old is “talking” back at you. Monkey see monkey do, get it?



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