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Misguided Appreciation

January 5, 2018

This originated at a child’s birthday party and concluded at Christmas.

Overhearing parents remind their children, to say, Thank you, for their gifts.

Unfortunately my head goes to the George Carlin type unspoken kid dialogue. Much like the overdubbing of voices in Mystery Science Theatre 3K

“Then there were the cliches; lazy language. But we had answers for those cliches, man. Kids had answers for those cliches. We didn’t get to deliver them, you know. No sense getting the s**t beat out of you every day. But we had answers.

The most popular and used child’s answer that went on, I think, without the parent hearing it was- “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah- Huh? No, no, I didn’t say anything. Well, thinking out loud, I guess.” //

It didn’t matter what they said; we had an answer. “Don’t you understand English?”

“Not fully, no.”

“How many times do I have to tell you?”

“Six. (WHOP!) f**k, thought you were looking for information, Ma.”

“Don’t talk back to me!”

“Huh?” “Don’t talk back!” “You’re teaching me a language, aren’t you? You’re telling me no more practicing?”

“I’ll wash your mouth out with soap!”

“I’ll blow bubbles out my ass!”

“You just wait ’til your father comes home!”

“Eh, hot s**t! That m**********r never comes home. Thanks, Ma, I’ll see you later. I’ll be bad for a week.” 

There’s one last cliche. Not everyone got to hear it, but it was out there. “I have tried to be both a mother and father to you.”

“Go f**k yourself!” “That’s the thanks I get…” “That’s the thanks you get.” Sounds like a bum deal.”

– George Carlin


Say, Thank you for your gifts.

Fuck you, my future will be shit.

Toys, like cars, can only be used one at a time. What am I going to do with 17 of them? Ignore them and glue young eyes to the mesmerizing soul sucking flashing siren screen of conformity and violence, dull dialogue and chaotic content.

Be long term selfish. Put that money away for me for a college education. Or since you say you love me so much, stop being distracted by such gleefully depressing consumption and work with your fellow bipedal earthling artists and fix the water supply and its planetary food distribution systems.

Or, don’t work so much just to throw it away and spend some time together figuring out what we are here for.

Eliminate Rule of Law laws, subjecting would be enlightened beings to being rats in a maze / cage, lost running around pushing levers for food, shelter and acceptance. Stop celebrating an out of balance despised yet admired power vacuum.

Become aware of your divinity and mine instead of being so hell bent on ignoring a solvable problem of overpopulation simply because it feeds the gluttonous appetite of soulless corporations bottomless bottom line.

More consumers, more consumption,  more waste, less space. More pressure, less release. More distraction, less focus.
A malignant system of hocus-pocus.

Oops, guess that unspoken kid dialogue turned in to a rambunctious rant from a tyrannical toddler wanting a future that is not deluged with distraction and deception, chaos and consumables.

Rather a world where guidance and enlightenment are cherished and shared over discipline and control.

My awareness shows me that my children and grandchildren have more wisdom to teach me, than anything I could convey to them as anything intelligent. Just have to pay attention.

Too many people
causing too many
problems, not enough
love to go around.

– Genesis

“Land of Confusion”



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