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Politics, like everything else

January 7, 2018


Digging in your heels

Only exacerbates the problem

Creating over defensiveness, rigidity and stupidity

What if people who opposed a politician’s policies

Had compassion, instead of condemnation?

For example, a wall

In a dark and not so fun house of mirrors

We would see the correlation

From both sides of the mirror

At least metaphorically speaking

For one, the one proposing it

Obviously wants to be “walled” in

Protected, from “what” we do not know

The other reflection of those opposed

Only represents the need to take

Down, their own “walls”

At least from the perspective

Of an “air ride seat psychologist”

Not only do I need to tear down a wall

Must needs to dismantle the

Artificial dome of isolation

Protecting the world

Of me, from me


“When you change the way you look at things

The thing you look at changes.”

– Dr. Wayne Dyer 



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