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Dead Air Dave

January 21, 2018

Never heard him, only heard of him.


Oh too punny.


By mention and reference, must have been a character / person in the Howard Stern show universe.

Being a huge fan of radio and many highly skilled broadcasters (Paul Harvey, Bruce Williams, Art Bell, Howard Stern, Robin Quivers, Fred Norris, Frank Sontag, Dr. Laura, Phil Hendrie, Bill Handel, George Noory)

The one thing that I have learned from these professionals, that the last thing you can have during a radio broadcast is “dead air”

dead air

: a period of silence especially during a radio broadcast

It is said, that people have a fear of public speaking. I only wish that were the case.

Ok, by a podium, behind a microphone,  under a spotlight, that is understandable.

It is the people within earshot that regurgitate rhetoric and reveal racism like it justifies their jeremiad juxtaposition.

Having the compulsion of needing to speak, even though they are not broadcasters or anywhere near an open microphone.

Maybe it is bothersome, as the water board dynamic dialogue delivery is constantly competing with the contrarian characters carrying on in my cranium.

Some times, it is not until you give an answer to an inane question do you realize, the inquirer could give a rats ass of your response which makes them (hopefully) know it is as lame as their question.

One of my first non relative bosses was probably the first actual person (as opposed to Steve Martin and George Carlin) I could speak with, that circumstantialy taught me to question stuff, ideas, theoretical proof, wording.

I say circumstantialy taught, as, at 51, am realizing, teaching thinking, would be damn near impossible.

My trouble is I think so much, barely have any ability to listen or speak / communicate with any bipedal earthling artist in a meaningful way.

My mind is trapped, both inside and away from the single cage of duality.

Plus realizing / knowing there is no spoon to bend, without a mind to create the spoon to bend.

Like knowing, I know I do not like me, knowing that I am the me I could change, just do not know how to.

Long story short, need to be surrounded by more “Dead Air Daves” particularly at work.


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