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Resign or Impeach

January 25, 2018


A Thought Experiment


Figuring out a way to divest

Interest in the status quo

Since there is no separation

Between myself and the

Powers that be

Causing the ruckus

Resignation to a Walden Pond

Scenario, while idealistic

Doesn’t pay the bills

Or feed and house my family

My only impeachable crimes

Might be for doing nothing

Outwardly to change the world

Calling or writing a

Senator or representative

Whom you don’t know or trust

To grant “dreamers” citizenship

Seems hopeless when tied

To a wall that can be gotten

Over, around, under or through

Knowing that creating a world

Without borders only means

That I’d have to dismantle my

Walls, which would reflect the

Outside world I envision while

Clinging to a dead system that

Has outlived its usefulness

Colluding with my shadow and

Trying to pretend it is not there


From → Paradox, random

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