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February 11, 2018



Hold on

Hold on to that thought

No, not that one

The one you just had

It is gone now


Go back and get it

Before it is too late

For what I do not know

It is all so transitory

And elusive

Like trying

To inhale your last exhale

That must be it


Remember to breathe

Remember to breathe


Where this should have stopped


How come

The voice in your head

That is reading this to you

Never has to clear its throat

Or even has

A throat to clear

Yet can

Whiss perrr

Without a breath

SCREAM in silence

Understand without knowing

Argue without any facts



All this

Because my supposed

Deep subconscious

Revealed a brilliant


To which did not

Jot down immediately

Therefore it disappeared

Or did not exist

In the first place





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One Comment
  1. Nathi permalink

    You’ve a unique style of writing that keeps the reader engaged till the last. Keep writing and inspiring!

    Liked by 2 people

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