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Looney Liar

February 12, 2018


A crass cartoon character on

A *Christian crusade craftily

Creating chaos to confuse

Not a Christ like caretaker

To comfort with compassion

Guide with grace and goodness

Merely a muddled marauder

Maintaining malevolence as means

Of a malefactor making money

Posturing to placate the proletariat

While pleasing his puppeteer Putin

Intensely inveighing the investigation

And ignominiously ignoring immigrants

A befuddled billionaire bouncing balls

Grossly grossly grandiosely golfing

On a green golf course with greed goons

Pompously planning a pretentious parade

*In truth,there was only one christian and he died on the cross.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Negating what Donald duck his responsibilities alleges himself to be.

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  1. I read this one aloud. It’s sticky like this whole situation. Nicely done. 🙂

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