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Off The Table

February 12, 2018


The wall should be

Off the table

As long as

The truth is

Swept under

The rug

The promise was

The neighbor was paying

Which the truth

Was simply

Thrown out of

The window

Reminding the

One who promised

To make sure that the

Door doesn’t hit him

In the ass on the

Way out

Since he raised the

Debt ceiling

On our grandchildren

And keeping other

Immigrants behind

Paper barriers

Thinking he is

Climbing a

Stairway to heaven

‘Stead of going through

The gates of hell

And trying to

Take us with him.




From → dark, humor, random

  1. That’s quite a house!

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  2. Nathi permalink

    Well written!

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  3. So clever and such a depressing topic! Well done.

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