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Passing and Receiving

February 16, 2018

<<<CAUTION>>> It’s dark in here.


Passing and Receiving


A Dirty Baton


Covered with excrement
And dripping with blood


45 times thus far


More or Less
In a moral-less


Endless race
Ran in disgrace


Being above its own law
Is quite the obvious flaw


The rule of law is the supposed guide
Unless the baton carrier, is to be tried


Remember Bush remember Cheyney
Recordings of testimony, there aren’t any


Hate too say it, but Obama was guilty too
Against law to assassinate, regardless who


Likewise democrat Bill Clinton before him
Had people killed he decided on a whim


George Bush Sr. that impetuous imp
Had people killed to prove he wasn’t a wimp


Rant break

I get it I get it, I do I do. In the truck driving industry, they have what are called driver boards. Should one be involved in an accident or an incident. 

Usually 3 drivers and a manager will review the situation and make a determination of the punishment.

(Actually at this point, good drivers are hard to find, so “punishment” becomes a “retraining opportunity”.)

So it kind of becomes a looking out for your own as if it were a peer review situation and you were in an accident.

Personalities, enemies and friends are taken out of the picture as it is usually a conference call with drivers from other service centers, deciding the outcome.

Giving a certain amount of leeway in accidents, non preventable or otherwise.

However, where death or theft occur, that driver is expelled from that position and company. No more questions to be asked. Regardless of who they know.

Shouldn’t those in government be held to similar standards as some dopey trucking company??

Meanwhile, those allegedly elected to positions of power can steal as much as they want and direct as many of their people to kill the sovereign citizens of other countries and their own country.

Depending on what uniform they are given, camouflaged or blue. What resource they need to steal or uprising they need to quell. Or kill because they don’t like the color brown.

They still get to keep their jobs and all they have to do is wash the blood off their hands with the constitution before wiping their ass with it and waving it at the people who pay their salary, while expecting them to do the same in the future.


Under an almighty steeple
The guise of * “We the people”


Not treating any humanity
Like it has any sanctity


Regardless the vileness of violence
The majority sits quietly in silence


Even Lincoln and Kennedy
Used violence as a remedy


School shootings unintended distraction
Keeping your eyes off the runner in action


The NRA has them in their deep pocket
Expecting things to change well forget it


The only thing I can suggest
Is not adding targets from the nest


Inspired by

“The Untold History of The United States”

By Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick


“The Prosecution of an American President”

By Vincent Bugliosi


*The “we the people” perspective was inspired by Ta-Nehisi Coates book “Between the World and Me”.

“These new people are, like us, a modern invention.  But unlike us, their new name has no real meaning divorced from the machinery of criminal power.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates


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