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Entropy Realized

February 15, 2018

Materialism Industrialized

Products Supersized

Spirituality Compromised

Humanity Marginalized

Intelligence Trivialized

Feelings Anesthetized

Money Digitized

Cash Plasticized

Debt Rationalized

Thoughts Compartmentalized

Communications Dehumanized

Emotions Commoditized


“When you’re stepping over a homeless guy on the sidewalk…does it ever occur to you to think “Wow – maybe our system doesn’t work?!”

– Bill Hicks


Recently visited a large and burgeoning city/cities, so combined “borders” were blurred.  Saw lots of new construction on vacant land, being tied together with new intersections and overpasses. Buildings adorned with “names” and “Brands” never before heard of.

Wondering what they do or what they make.


“We’re Consolidated International and we might be looking for you.

Are you one of those people who show up, punch in, pitch in, put out, clean up, punch out, head home, throw up, turn in, sack out and shut up?

That’s what we need: people we can keep in line. We may have a place for you. Consolidated International.

People making things so people have things to do things to other people with.

And thinking up more things to do with the stuff we have.”

– George Carlin


This contemplation began as I’ve begun to see, what I would call urinal floor diapers.

Materialism Industrialized

Plastic V shaped mats that sit under urinals, apparently for those with poor aim. With what appears to be some kind of an absorbing pad inside.

This is awful on so many counts.

1. Somebody had to think of it.
2. Take it to an engineer to design it.
3. Decide if it is commercially viable.
4. Make machines to make it
5. Order raw plastic and fibres for it.
6. Take pictures of it to sell it.
7. Package it to distribute it.

The consumer end is worse.

1. Take the time to unpackage it
2. Put it in place.
3. Wait for it to get used.
4. Pick it up. (Ewwww)
5. Remove the pad
6. Wash (hopefully) the plastic pad holder.
7. Install a new pad.
8. Mop around the area, that would need to be mopped anyway.
9. Go to your boss and quit because you just wasted 10 minutes of your time dealing with a redundant consumable that was not necessary in the first place.

Other than making the immediate environment in the bathroom like a petri dish for bacteria and germs.

Maybe if people stopped making more people, there’d be less people to think of stuff to do, to to keep the people enslaved employed to waste the earth’s resources in an endless spiral of consumption.

As long as I’m ranting, the other contemplation is razor blades.

Products Supersized

Since when did one or two razor blades not do the trick in shaving? Hmmm?

Gosh, if two work good, three, four and five, will work even better. Get right on that. Charge more each time, with each “improvement”.  Add a Teflon strip,  give it an “ergonomic” handle  (wouldn’t want to get carpal tunnel syndrome, from holding something for 3 minutes, every few days).
Add a battery, make it vibrate, for that “perfect” shave.

Add so much so, that the product is really expensive and it has to be locked up and a special clerk with a key has to get it for you.

Pushing the envelope with the consumer so far, as to how much they’ll pay. Up it so much, other companies can start “free” home shipping of razor blades “included” with razor blade of the month clubs.

Wasting even more of the earth’s resources, burning more petroleum products, keeping more people enslaved.

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