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Something Is Missing

March 6, 2018

If guns kill and nobody wants to be killed or have their children be killed. It is a strange argument by the few that affect, effect and infect, the all, of guns intended purpose, infused in the illusion of defense.

Beyond IT IS IN THE CONSTITUTION, IT IS IN THE CONSTITUTION. See, see, bears have the right to have arms.

Fantastic, one of 27 modifications in a document written in the vaguest of language and open to infinite interpretations by a bunch of land holding slave owners, 250 + years ago.

That’s worth hanging your hat on. Besides, if this current administration wipes its ass with the constitution one more time, we will not be able to read it anyway.

(Sorry ladies, still no equal rights amendment. It is as if it gets amended one more time we will have to admit it is too broke to fix.)

Yet, outside of the circular argument of rights and freedom, we want somebody……to shoot the shooter?

Unfortunately I’ve no solution. However soul jarring the ramifications could be of utilizing no retaliation. Like how Gandhi was able to end British colonialism through peaceful resistance.

I’m quite sure no parent would want to hedge their child in the bet that he or she would not be felled next, if no one did anything to stop the shooter and just let them run out of ammunition.

Nor would any student want to self immolate under gun fire to protest the violence. Perpetrated by someone who simply had too much unfettered access and was “defending” nothing.


“I’m one of those people who doesn’t really know what he thinks until he writes it down.”

Jake Epping AKA George Amberson

From Stephen King’s “11/22/63”

(The guns used in the Kennedy assassination were not used in defense.)


One thing that could change is the language surrounding what we believe. One of the affected students referred to the AR as a weapon of war.

More accurate, and truth telling would be if it was called a weapon of commerce.

When the United States Government’s employees, train citizens now converted to military personnel.  Ways to use these same weapons as a means of securing the land, for what is in, under and around it. Not only in other countries, this one. Dare I mention the Dakota pipeline?

Making the illegality of looting relative, as to who is doing the looting. What is being looted and the groups profiting from it.


“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.”

– Smedley D. Butler, 

War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier


We have sent persons to the moon and back, have vehicles and probes on Mars. Information sensors and data collectors in deep space. Live in an international research lab magically floating above the atmosphere.

You would think that the collective could come up with a less violent and deadly means to share in resources of energy.

Maybe what is missing is reasonable profit sharing, whereas the corporment (corporations and government) would do what is right and simply pay for what they need.

Thereby eliminating the need to have any weapons of commerce to be sold to angry students going after his classmates.


Excerpts from:

Harry Chapin’s


“The song, nearly 10 minutes long, is based on the shootings at the University of Texas tower shooting in 1966, with some fictional elements. The song does not name the actual sniper, Charles Whitman, or the location. The victims’ names have also been changed.”

– Wikipedia

“He heads towards the tower that stands in the campus.
He goes through the door, he starts up the stairs.
The sound of his footsteps, the sound of his breathing,
The sound of the silence when no one was there.

I didn’t really know him.
He was kind of strange.
Always sort of sat there.
He never seemed to change.”


He was such a moody child, very hard to touch.
Even as a baby he never smiled too much. No no. No no.

You bug me, she said.
Your ugly, she said.
Please hug me, I said.
But she just sat there
With the same flat stare
That she saves for me alone
When I’m home.
When I’m home.
Take me home.

He laid out the rifles, he loaded the shotgun,
He stacked up the cartridges along the wall.
He knew he would need them for his conversation.
If it went as it he planned, then he might use them all.

He said Listen you people I’ve got a question
You won’t pay attention but I’ll ask anyhow.
I found a way that will get me an answer.
Been waiting to ask you ’till now.
Right now !

Am I ?
I am a lover whose never been kissed.
Am I ?
I am a fighter whose not made a fist.
Am I ?
If I’m alive then there’s so much I’ve missed.
How do I know I exist ?
Are you listening to me ?
Are you listening to me ?
Am I ?


He was kind of creepy,
Sort of a dunce.
I met him at the corner bar.
I only dated the poor boy once,
That’s all. Just once, that was all.


(14 students 3 teachers)

Thirty-seven people got his message so far.
Yes, he was reaching them right were they are.

They set up an assault team. They asked for volunteers.
They had to go and get him, that much was clear.
And the word spread about him on the radios and TV’s.
In appropriately sober tone they asked “Who can it be ?”

He was a very dull boy, very taciturn.
Not much of a joiner, he did not want to learn.
No no. No no.

They’re coming to get me, they don’t want to let me
Stay in the bright light too long.
It’s getting on noon now, it’s goin to be soon now.
But oh, what a wonderful sound !

Mama, won’t you nurse me ?
Rain me down the sweet milk of your kindness.
Mama, it’s getting worse for me.
Won’t you please make me warm and mindless ?

Mama, yes you have cursed me.
I never will forgive you for your blindness.
I hate you!

The wires are all humming for me.
And I can hear them coming for me.
Soon they’ll be here, but there’s nothing to fear.
Not any more though they’ve blasted the door.


Am I ?
There is no way that you can hide me.
Am I ?
Though you have put your fire inside me.
Am I ?
You’ve given me my answer can’t you see ?
I was !
I am !
And now I Will Be
I WILL BE !!!”


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