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Beyond The Pale

March 12, 2018

Out of everything I perceive that I might remotely think I understand, the least of which, would be is taxes.

For as taxes relate to money, the trouble begins with its abstract existence in the first place.

Save for a few dollars in my wallet, as a physical tangible “currency”. Occasionally exchanged fairly for a snack or a soda.


“Something else that bugs me, // people who pay for inexpensive items with a credit card. You know, folks, take my word for this, Raisinettes is not a major purchase.

Get some #ucking cash together. No one should be paying a bank 18 % interest on Tic-Tac’s.

Your holding up the #ucking line too, // waiting to be approved for a bag of cheese doodles.//

Get some #ucking money. Next guy ahead of me online pays for Newsweek with a credit card is getting stabbed in the eyes.”

– George Carlin

The rest, which is allegedly something that I “earn” from “working”. Also “grow” or “shrink” from investments, does not “exist”. Other than what is printed on a piece of paper or digitized as pixels on a screen.

Numbers, that’s it. Graphic lead, ink or digitized geometric curves and lines that at sometime, somewhere, someone made up.

(“Nothing will #uck you up as much, as the realization, that there is no real reason, the alphabet needs to be in order”

–  Unknown )

Much like the letters used to make up the words used to make up the definitions made up to describe them.

Made up, arbitrarily and essentially out of thin air, or heavy air. (Air is air, right.) Distinctly representing a “value”.

(Technically, shouldn’t 3 be half (1/2) the value of 8?)

Numbers from zero to nine, with no bleens* between, arranged in a consistent hierarchical “valued” order. Justified using dollar signs, commas and decimal points.

Making me realize the illusion of what I do “have” is essentially zilch, since it is backed by nothing more substantial than ink and paper, diodes and processors, silicone and servers.

The part I do get, is the conscious or unconscious choice that the collective has agreed to, by using these virtual terabyte tokens to play the game we’ve selected to participate in, observe, or both.

How you acquire and spend your digital dollars, then becomes a part of you.

Being impressed with someone who has more than you is like being awestruck by the solidity of a hologram.

Relinquishing your personal power to them sacrifices the sanctity of your soul.


* “The Nobel Prize in mathematics was awarded to a California professor who has discovered a new number! The number is bleen, which he claims belongs between 6 and 7.”

— George Carlin


Continued on “Way Beyond The Pale”


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