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Way Beyond The Pale

March 12, 2018

It is kind of bizarre to consider what can be done with or without money/taxes as it has such an arbitrary existence in the first place.

Once heard that if everyone was paid cash from their career/job once a week and someone came by to collect 25 – 40% of it, there would an immediate revolution as to how that money would best be spent.

Meanwhile, most people, including myself, simply accept that a substantial portion of their income gets transfered from their employer to the government to do as they see fit.

Granted, some of it goes to schools,  teachers, roads, bridges, sewage, also water “treatment” plants and airports.

All well and good, however, another sizeable portion goes to the military industrial complex. A for commerce killing cadre.

Our sub-un-conscious dark side. That, we know is there……, but fail to recognize.

Hmm. Why? Well, people need to eat, and in general, need to keep a roof over their heads. Plus, it needs to be warmed or cooled, so the people inside are “comfortable”.

Then they need a vehicle to go to and from work and to a grocery store. Am suspecting it would be redundant to explain what we already know.

Redundancies be damned. The only person I am writing this for is me.

Somebody, somewhere is melting lead for a bullet. Someone else is boring out a rifle barrel, someone is putting an engine in a tank. Replacing the release mechanism for a cruise missile on a jet fighter. Putting a “live” camera on it. All of which they get paid for, which in turn revolves into the economy.

“It was pretty amazing, you’ve got to admit, watching a missile fly down an air vent. Pretty unbelievable. But couldn’t we feasibly use that same technology to shoot food at hungry people?

You know what I mean? Fly over Ethiopia,  there’s a guy that needs a banana….
Stealth Banana. ……… Smart Fruit…..”


– Bill Hicks
– “The War” (first gulf war)
– “Flying Saucer Tour”


So, we hedge our bet, and roll the dice that we will not be directly affected by it. Meanwhile, it continues to take a larger portion of our income. All under the guise of National security.

Perhaps we should rename the Defense Department the Chamber of Commerce.

I thought that by now, with all of the information and technology available, we would have beaten our swords into plow shares. Making this an evolving peaceful sharing world to explore the infinity of the cosmos, discovering new dimensions.

Yet, kind of understand why we haven’t, since there’d be nothing to write about. I would be floating in space near a nebula pondering what new worlds I might create. Here’s some for starters.

Create new instruments for different sounds, new languages for better understanding and communications. Bigger hearts for more love, larger brains for greater intelligence.

That is the power each one of us has.
To hell with the money and gov’t taxes.

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