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Good Thing

March 19, 2018


I have GPS for driving

Need one for writing

The title is my map

Which subsequently

Gets thrown in the

Glove compartment

Leaving me trying

To remember where

I planned on going

With any particular post

Find after stopping

For coffee and peeing

Donuts and distraction

Subsequently end up

Taking the wrong on ramp

Am still on pavement

Just in a different direction

Could use the

“Authorized” vehicles only

Turnaround but don’t

Want to lose my

Poetic license

Besides it is not a

Good road / screen trip

Without a little

Side adventure

Also, the back seat

Drivers (voices in my head)

Are all feeding me

Way, way, way way

Way too much information

Would need a fourth

Or fifth set of hands

To stenographically

Capture the suggestions

To get to a destination

Any destination

Regardless the original

Blog post road map

Which is still lying

Dormant in the glove box

Which may or may not

Be a Good Thing



One Comment
  1. This was a good write, but those opening lines were perfect.

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