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The War Comes Home

March 21, 2018

Schoolroom Roulette


I know I’m beating a silent drum

In more ways than one


Watching from our sanguine seats

How soon till the violence repeats


The student’s passion is very inspiring

All because one had some loose wiring


Unfortunately their work will not be done

Based on how easy it is to get a gun


Blaming a video game has no merits

When responsibilities lie on the parents


Scapegoating games is for alarmers

Otherwise we’d have more farmers


Okay, enough bad rhyming for a moment.


How is it, that on one hand, it is entirely acceptable to take a volunteer (dangle enough college carrot cash in front of a high school graduate / GED recipient with perceived minimum alternative options and a minimal risk of life and limb, roll of the dice, you will get your volunteers) feed, house, train and pay him or her to get in good shape.

Then teach some of them how to use, clean and fire, similar assault rifles. Send them off to some sovereign citizens section of the sphere to selectively steal their resident resources and if they refuse, empty ballistic bullets into bodies and onto buildings.

Yet, on the other hand, when a loose cannon does it here for no reason or resources to steal from students, we are left scratching our heads trying desperately to hide the hypocrisy. When our taxes support it over wherever and are paid out here trying to prevent it.

Maybe that is why no agency or agent wants to restrict their use. It would wake up too many people.

That would be dangerous.


“Shut up! Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control.”

– Bill Hicks



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