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April 10, 2018

Of Donald’s trade war.


No longer will Mall Wart, be using the slogan, “New Lower Prices”

However, in keeping with deceptive marketing and hype, will be using.

“New Enhanced Pricing”


Which will be about a nickel to a dollar higher on each plastic fall apart, didn’t need that in the first place product.

But it is too late, as our insatiable appetite has been whetted. Born consumers into a life of consumption, regardless the cost.

Induced by product shininess, the lights it has, the noise it makes, or the “work” it may save you.

For example, why else would someone purchase a coffee maker for $100.00 that makes a 75 cent cup of coffee?

When for about the same amount of plastic, glass and tin you can get a 15 cent cup of coffee out of a $30.00 machine, that produces less waste.

If we really wanted to balance the scales, we could just not buy so much.

Oops, can’t do that, the economy would collapse and we might evolve. Therefore all we will have to do is modify, ignore or abolish this country’s child labor laws.

Which could inadvertently solve another problem. Without schools, there would be more school shootings.

I’m sure that the armed guards keeping those adolescents and teenagers in their windowless sweaty freedom factories,  will not let anyone in to harm the pained profit producers.

Just think, then “we” could win the trade wars.

We’re # 1, We’re # 1, We’re # 1!!


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